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We’ve seen an increase in tactics used by virus makers to attempt to get end-users to download malicious files to their computers. An explanation of the approach is mentioned below: but please understand that the threat behind the new viruses are very real and, if infected and your computer doesn’t have a current backup, there is the very real threat that you may not recover data files on your hard drive.

Maintaining not only your usual amount of vigilance, but watch out for emails that look legitimate (examples include - delivery company, bank, institution, etc.) and delete them immediately. For instance, any emails that prompt you to open attachments or download files: do not forward, do not attempt to download or open the attachments. Even if it appears to come from a known individual: if you didn’t expect the file… don’t open it.

Anti-Virus software and Spam, while helpful, will not entirely cover you: we’ve seen the viruses get through major anti-spam systems including Barracuda, Appriver, Gmail and Microsoft 365. In this particular case, we’ve seen Windows computers are the major targets … but Mac viruses do exist and we advise antivirus programs for Macintosh and the same amount of vigilance for Mac users.

Computer Backups
Due to hard drive failures, thefts & viruses people are losing important data form their computers. We urge you to be proactive by backing up your computer system today. There are many online backup solutions to choose from, so be sure to install one today.


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